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We love the fact that Oakland has the little-known claim to fame of being a one-time national mega-player in the brewing scene. At that time, 40+ breweries pumped out more than a barrel per year (2 full size kegs of beer) for every one of the 35,000 residents. Much of this was in the form of beer styles unique to California, unique to the Bay Area even, and truly a fresh, local, artisan product.

Our beers are brewed in tribute to styles and brewing methods that originated here in the Bay Area during this pre-prohibition era--- more specifically during the Gold Rush days. We use lager yeast, but ferment at ale temperatures---as did early immigrant gold-seekers trying to recreate European lagers in the warmer Bay Area climate. Naturally carbonated and unfiltered, our beers burst on the palate with a fresh-from-the-tank flavor, crispness, and pop that screams: "Handmade in small batches!".

As much as we love all the "West Coast Style" ales that have become the norm these days, we remain committed to a modern day craft interpretation of the "Old California Style" lagers. Oakland's rich brewing tradition deserves nothing less.


Our first beer, our flagship beer....

California Common is the official name given to this beer style since our "friends" and mentors across the bay trademarked the true name for it. But we don't hate, we just recreate! So here it is, the Common Lager, brewed in the same fashion and spirit as ALL of the Steam Beer breweries of the 19th century.

Ours is a golden interpretation of the style, which is typically brewed more copper in color. We figured, "What does copper have to do with California?" and chose to produce a version more fitting for a state known as... uh... well, the GOLDEN state.

The Common is malt forward with a nice hop finish that leaves you satisfied in a way that typical lagers can't. Most importantly though, it is your chance to imagine what the beers around here tasted like back in the day!


Roasty, slightly sweet, light bodied black beer. For some time, this has been our 'dark horse' beer. Many lucky folks have had a chance to try our earlier versions of this beer, but our current batch is one of the best. This beer made it's official debut at the Eat Real Festival in Oakland and is now on tap wherever Linden Street beers are to be found.

New Additions...


The Red Lager is the maltiest of our beers. We made this beer to hold a nice balance between the caramel, roasty malt flavors and the hops used to make it 29 IBUs. Recently we tweaked the recipe, making it even more of a better balance.

Originally this beer was made in 2010 to take some of the pressure off the popularity of the Black Lager, but it was so well received that it became just as popular as the Black, so we had to pull it from the usual lineup until we were able to provide adequate space in our fermenters. In 2012 we were able to start making the Red Lager again and continually it will remain as one of our regulars, as well as one of our favorites.


This beer is what we like to call our "yellow-fizzy beer". The 'Town Lager is our light, easy-drinking beer, suitable for all occasions. Reigning in at 4.5% ABV and a whopping 9 IBUs, your father would have happily called this one his "lawn mower beer".

The 'Town Lager is one we hold close to our heart, as well as close to our brewery. Oakland's nickname to Bay Area folks is the 'Town (compared to San Francisco being the City), and so we decided to create a beer that only folks in or visiting Oakland would be able to drink. Never will you find this beer outside of the 'Town, so if you'd like to try it C'mon and see what Oakland is all about. There is another catch to this beer, though. We consider it our eco-friendly beer and we only let this beer leave the brewery in eco-friendly ways. How do we do this? By bicycle, of course! We have a custom made bicycle that allows us to fit two full kegs on the front. Luckily this is a flatter 'Town compared to our hilly City. So if you see this beer at a bar in Oakland, know that it was transported there all the way from the brewery by bike!